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The first thing he observes about the old familiar blue van is that it isn't remotely old. Seems like it's only been in use a few years. The key still in the ignition has a brand new keychain. And it starts up with no trouble at all. His people haven't had an operational one for ages. John Locke vanishes and a handy van appears---perhaps next he could swap out Jarrah for a nest of tame little rabbits?

He closes up the back---someone was clearly here not long ago. At a glance he can see ropes, chains, shovels, blankets, boxes, and then his eyes fall upon stains.. of blood. Juliet's? If it were hers, why leave a vehicle in full working order behind? She should still be aware of the few routes that could get this van to the Village. She's unconscious? Likely, if she's indeed being carried.. His mind rolls on through the possibilities.

Alex is quiet as he gets back in the driver's seat and gets them moving. Looks like father-daughter time is over for now. He regrets having to take his focus off her, but there's never a dull moment around here. The route they take is much longer in miles than cutting straight through the jungle, but with the advantage of speed, there's a good chance that he can get ahead of Juliet and whoever is with her and be ready to help her at the Village. The bastards Widmore sent leveled much of the place, but he should still be able to scrounge up what she needs.

It's not long before Richard calls to let him know that he's spotted her, looking worse for the wear, but not bleeding out and not in need of his immediate intervention, much to Ben's relief. Being carried by Ford, of all people. Murdering Danny to save him and his girlfriend certainly seems to have won her friends.

Richard plans to stay out of sight and let the pylons down long enough to let them in to the Village, where he and Ben will be able to deal with them in a more enclosed setting. Ben leaves him with orders to rendevous at his house, and cuts a hasty path to their destination, keeping his eye out for any sign of invaders or their people along the way, and seeing no one. A walkie sits in his messenger bag, but for the moment, getting in touch with anyone else isn't part of his plan.

Close to the fence, he ditches the van---though he takes the key---and heads with Alex to the abandoned and devastated Village. There's no sign yet of anyone else, and he brings her in the back door to the place that not so long ago was a home to them both. He wouldn't dream of walking her in the front, past the site of Keamy's attack. It still gives him a dark and empty feeling to be back here, to see it all again, upturned.

Because there's so much more than the furniture that needs righting.

Alex looks exhausted; the relatively unfamiliar feeling of a car ride seems to have encouraged her towards sleep. He suggests she go to her room and rest, in a protective, rather than punitive, way, and she takes him up on it, at least for the moment. After pulling together all the medical supplies in the house, he sits on the edge of a collapsed bookcase and waits by the window.

Watching the moment when he almost lost her, again and again.

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